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What’s with the Name?  

Why 5th Degree Woodworking?

Scott Anderson is the craftsman behind 5th Degree Woodworking. One of Scott’s earliest passions was martial arts. Since the age of 15, Scott has been a practitioner of the Kensho-Do system of karate at Way of the Dragon Martial Arts Studio.  Based on his lifetime of achievements and his many years of contributions to the students and the dojo, Scott’s sensei awarded him the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in 2010. 

 After reaching the ultimate goal of Black Belt, and being promoted numerous times, Scott decided to apply the skills he learned as a martial artist to woodworking.  Focus, patience, creativity, and adaptability – all are needed for karate, and also when Scott begins a new wood or etching project.  Some of his earliest projects were the karate logo etchings and carvings and the wing-chung dummies shown in the Gallery. 

 Scott’s lifelong passion for karate, and his more recent love of woodworking, naturally fit together.  Naming his business 5th Degree Woodworking was Scott’s way of honoring the art that has so greatly influenced him over the course of his life.

Scott Anderson

A Man of Many Talents

Scott has enjoyed a varied professional background. He served in the military as a member of the United States Army for eight years. He has worked in nightclub security, computer networking and programming, and as a physical education and karate teacher for students in grades 5 through 12.

 In his custom woodworking, Scott takes an idea from his imagination and makes it a reality.  Nothing gives him greater satisfaction that building something unique, whether it is a jig for his table saw to more effectively cut large pieces of wood or a mirror etched with a customer’s logo or personalized message.  If you have an idea, let Scott turn it into reality!

Scott Anderson
“Honey, can I build an addition onto my workshop?”
Scott Anderson
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